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About Oro Café & Eatery

Oro Café & Eatery’s business philosophy is to bring authentic Italian culinary cuisine to the urban scene. The company’s vision is to create a modern, upscale eatery that serves artisanal Roman-style pizza, gourmet coffees and cold drinks, a selection of decadent pastries baked in-house, that will vary seasonally.


Oro Café & Eatery strives to provide the finest selection of artisanal Italian pizzas, beverages, pastries, catering to the residents of the Beaches and the Greater Toronto Area.


Our Products

What sets Oro Café & Eatery apart from other Italian eateries is that we want to introduce Italy in a bite by using high quality, local and seasonal ingredients from Canadian and Italian food producers.

We will always strive to offer healthy, nutritious, and delicious food created with our skills and love for the trade, for all to enjoy in the true Italian tradition.

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